5 Watercolor Teachers to Follow on Skillshare

Skillshare is an amazing resource for those who are seeking knowledge and want to level up any, but mostly creative, skills. For me, Skillshare was a game-changer  as well as a student and also as a teacher.

In this post I want to share with you the 5 Skillshare teachers you should definitely check out and follow when you decide to join the platform to expand your watercolor skills.

1. Amarilys Henderson

Amarilys Henderson is a watercolor illustrator. Her classes are bite-sized, but really detailed and practical. One can learn a lot by taking any of her classes, from using color, through different techniques to practical advise to become a watercolor artist. My favourite class of hers is „Modern Watercolor Florals: 3 ways“

2. Sandra Bowers

Sandra Bowers is an illustrator and surface pattern designer. You can learn about lot of different topics in her classes, from pen and ink, to digital skills, but most importantly, her watercolor classes are really useful. My favourite is the „Watercolor & Masking Fluid Techniques“ in which you can learn several different ways of using masking fluid – this topic is really rarely covered anywhere.

3. Ana Victoria Calderón

Ana Victoria Calderón is an an American/Mexican artist based in Mexico City. Her artwork is just stunning and she is also an amazing as a teacher. She makes learning watercolor basics really easy and fun – her classes are really ideal for very beginners, because they cover most of the topics a beginner needs to go through. They are also longer in length, so if you want to go in depth, take her classes. My favourite is “Modern Watercolor Techniques: Beginner’s Level”.

5. Cat Coquilette

Cat Coquilette is a location-independent artist and designer. Her classes are more about succeeding as an artist, but her “Modern Watercolor Techniques: Explore Skills to Create On-Trend Paintings” is a really good resource for beginners, not just to pick up great techniques, but it is really encouraging to take your art more seriously. I definitely recommend to take this class!

5. Ohn Mar Win

Ohn Mar Win is an illustrator and a surface designer. Her classes are ideal for very beginners because she presents some very easy methods for creating stunning illustrations with watercolors. My favourite is her „Sketchbook Practice: Grow In Your Art Every Day“ Which includes some great tips for growth and for developing a unique style.

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