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Welcome to the "Digital Illustration - Illustrate Pots & Plants in Procreate" Skillshare class!

In this class we are going to illustrate plants and pots, using the digital illustration app, Procreate, however, the class can be followed along by any illustration software of even traditionally.


We will start with a warm up practice in which we will sketch out 10 beautiful and trending potted house plants and learn their shapes.

Then I will show you 3 different ways of illustrating them:

- a very simple flat digital design,

- an inking illustration technique 

- and an experimental way of combining digital with traditional.

This will allow to any skill level to follow the class with ease.

We will work on the topic of color harmony and decorative motifs to design some really cool and unique pot heads for our plants!

For the final class project, you will have an artistic freedom to express your ideas you’ve got during the class in a fun illustration of a plant in a head planter, freely combining any technique you liked with your own unique style.

The best is that these skills can be easily applied in your future illustration projects on other topics too.

The final project can be printed and gifted to your loved ones or framed as a wall art to give your living space some extra greenery. And last but not least, you can use the digital elements to decorate your online surfaces, like your website, facebook page, IG feed or even used in your future illustrations or any other design.

This class is for anyone who loves plants and art, do you?


I am looking forward to create with you! See you inside the class!