Did you just get your iPad? Starting out with Procreate? I will help you! My classes are beginner friendly and will make you level up easily!

I have created a full learning program with tons of easily doable classes:

  1. If you are a very beginner, definitely start with the “Drawing Masterclass - The Beginner Level Skills”. You can complete this class on paper or with your iPad, doesn’t matter. It will give you the basics you can build your skills on.

  2. Then continue with the “Digital Illustration for Beginners - Illustrate a Motivational Coffee Mug”, where you will learn all about the basic functions of Procreate and understand layering.

  3. The “Digital Illustration Workflow Hacks” will teach you tips for making a more effective design workflow. 

  4. The “Learn Shading in Procreate” will teach you all about shadows in an easy way, with interactive worksheets, so cool!

  5. Also, the “Digital Shading for Beginners” will teach you types of shadows you can apply to digital illustration.

  6. Then your favourite class comes: “Character Design for Beginners” where you will be guided through a design process to create a cute character.

  7. I also started the “Learn Perspective in Procreate” mini class series, where we explore all types of perspectives (only has one basic class now).

  8. And last but not least comes the “Digital Illustration - From Concept to a Final Piece”where we push these skills to a level where you can more deeply communicate ideas and tell stories. 

You can obviously jump into the process wherever you want and do the classes in any order as all of them can stand alone.

Don't wait anymore! Jump into the process right away!



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